A Prayer for Weight Loss (that works)

Prayer is a powerful tool that we use to seek God’s will for various aspects of our lives.

We pray for loved ones, our nation, and personal needs, but what about our physical well-being, specifically our weight?

It’s essential to remember that we are not alone in our struggles. God desires to help us in achieving optimal health, strength, and fitness. By embracing His will, we can break free from food addiction, lose weight, and become the fittest and strongest versions of ourselves ready for His service.

Let us pray this faith-filled prayer for weight loss:

Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus, I am grateful that You desire me to be healthy, strong, and full of energy. I thank You for the sacrifice Jesus made, bearing the curse of sickness and disease so that I could live free from their hold on my body.

Your Word declares that my body is Your temple, and I acknowledge my responsibility to steward this precious gift. Today, I choose to make wise decisions regarding the food I consume. I will nourish my body with the appropriate portions, avoiding unhealthy choices like excessive sugar and carbs. I reject the life of gluttony and instead embrace self-control and a lifestyle of healthy living, desiring to be at my best for Your purpose.

Father, I humbly ask for supernatural assistance in this journey. Grant me the strength to resist temptations that have hindered me in the past. Fill me with enthusiasm for healthy choices.

In the mighty Name of Jesus, I rebuke all forms of temptation and declare that I am shedding weight even now.

Thank You, Lord, for the progress I am making in losing weight. What I have been unable to accomplish on my own, I believe I am achieving now through the empowering presence of Your Spirit.

I praise You and give You thanks for it, in Jesus’ Name.


When we pray in faith and align our actions with our beliefs, we can experience the highest level of physical well-being. Trust in God’s ability to help you overcome every aspect of your life. Ask Him to reveal any underlying causes of weight gain that may have been overlooked, and trust in His guidance as you embark on a journey of weight loss, good health, and longevity.

I hope my story can inspire you to live a passionate life of purpose.
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