10 Men Christian Women Should Never Marry


If you’re a Christian woman who is looking for your perfect match, you might want to take note of these 10 men Christian women should never marry. It’s not easy to know how to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a husband for life. But there are some men who should never be considered as potential husbands – and we’ve got a list of 10 of them here! We pray this post helps you make wise and Godly decisions for marriage.

A man not devoted to God

If your man isn’t devoted to growing in a relationship with Jesus and fulfilling God’s purpose for His life, you definitely shouldn’t marry him. Why? Because if he’s not devoted to being closer to God now, he may never be. He may say that it’s important to him – but His actions will speak louder than words. A strong Christian man is always looking to grow in his relationship with God and others (Philippians 2:3).

A man with no spiritual disciplines

Christian women should not marry a man that does not spend regular time with God, praying, reading the Bible, and seeking God’s will for his life. If he has a workout discipline, a going-out discipline, or a gaming discipline, but no spiritual discipline, then you know it’s clear. Without spiritual discipline, he will remain spiritually immature and won’t be equipped to overcome the challenges that life will bring in the future.

A man who lies

Run from a man who lies. Have you caught him lying at all? About anything? If you’ve caught him lying about even a little thing, it’s likely that he lies frequently and will continue to lie. Lying is not a small issue to God! (1 Timothy 1:10-11). A man who regularly lies cannot be trusted. If he can’t tell the truth about trivial things, how can you trust that he tells the truth about the big issues?

A man who doesn’t treat you right

A husband must lead and be willing to lay down his life for his wife, just like Christ did for his church (Ephesians 5:25). Jesus told us to judge a tree by its fruit. Look for the Spiritual fruit in his life. What is the fruit of the spirit? Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22 -23). If all you see is bad fruit, then you know the quality of the tree.

A man who cannot lead you

The Bible tells us that the husband is to be the spiritual leader of his entire family (1 Cor. 11:3). Do you see yourself following his lead? Do you trust that he hears clearly from God and can make good decisions for you and your children? If he isn’t willing or able to do that, you shouldn’t marry him!

A man who speaks ill of people

If he talks behind others’ backs, and commonly makes fun of or mocks people, then you should know that this behavior will only continue after you marry him. Spoken words reveal what’s in the heart, so listen carefully to the way he speaks about others, it will make things very clear. You need a man who encourages, lifts up, and builds people up (Galatians 6:1). If a man is quick to speak badly about other people or tear them down, then he has a spiritual problem.

A man who hasn’t grown up

A husband should be someone who is mature and capable of leading. Has he carried the same attitude all his life? Is he still acting like a boy or teenager rather than taking on responsibility? A husband should be someone who is mature and capable of leading. He needs to know where he is going and have a plan on how to get there. He must be seeking God for direction and leading.

A man who isn’t committed

If he says that he loves God, loves you, but can’t make a long-term commitment to marry you, or if he has said something similar – I’m sorry, but it’s time to run away! A man who doesn’t commit is not ready to be married. He is either scared, immature, or has unresolved issues with his past that mean he can’t commit and may never will. You do not want to waste time with a man who is still working through issues and miss out on God’s best for you. God can work in him, but you can’t wait several years for that to happen!

A man in financial trouble

Now this one could be a little controversial… Money is important – it’s a necessity for living. I’m not saying that he needs to be rich, but he needs to know how to manage finances and have a plan for the future. If he spends more than he has, or asks for you to pay his bills… run! Why? Because this is usually a major red flag. If your man is in debt, without a job, and without a plan, do not marry him. You will face incredible stress and pressure if he doesn’t have your own house, a decent job, or even the ability to support you and your children financially.

A man who is not a believer

This is obvious but still needs to be said. Don’t marry a non-believer! If you are serious about your faith and life purpose in Christ, then you know that an unbelieving boyfriend or fiancé who simply doesn’t share the same beliefs as you will not be compatible.

Final Thoughts

Don’t settle for the wrong man when deep inside you know it’s not right. Many women stay in the wrong relationship because they think, “If I leave him, it’ll be worse.” Don’t make that same mistake and waste years of your life away. Please know, that God can bring someone better into your life. If he did it for me, he’ll do it for you! Trust God in this area and keep growing in your relationship with him. As God is preparing you for your future husband, know that God is also preparing Him.

I hope my story can inspire you to live a passionate life of purpose.
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